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How does buying on demand work?

It's simple. You buy your piece, then we make it, and in only 2 weeks we ship your new sustainable product to you anywhere in the world. 

Why is buying on demand environmentally sustainable?

Because it doesn't waste resources on making clothes in bulk.

Because it reduces carbon footprint by only shipping our clothes once, to you.

Without an on-demand model, clothes need to be produced in bulk, then put on huge container ships and moved across the world only to reach a warehouse. Then they have to be shipped again, one by one to the customer. 

We avoid all that, and just ship each piece once. To you.

Because by having no stock that gets unsold, there will be no clothes ending up in landfills polluting the earth.

Because the technology we use works with non water based dyes. That means no water waste.

How will I know when my product is made and ready to ship?

We'll send you an email as soon as your new piece is ready to ship to you.

Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, of course.

Can I return my order?

Yes - learn how on our returns and exchanges page here.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes. Just send us an email at To get your cancellation and refund processed faster, please include “cancel order” and your order number in the subject line.

What active practices can I use your activewear for?

Any. Our activewear stretches with you and keeps you dry. That makes it great for anything, from yoga to martial arts, gym workout routines, hikes, or anything else that keeps you healthy and mindful. 

Do you have a different question? 

Email us at and write "Question" in the subject line. We'll answer you within 2 days.