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Grow Your Career With Us

We're not hiring right now.


When we’ll need to add more members to our team, our process will be very straightforward.

Just This

Send us your resume at info@horizonactive.com

What you need to know

An actual person will be reading it.

An actual person will respond to you.

We want you to see this opportunity as

An opportunity to grow yourself, your skills, and your bank account.

An opportunity that will allow you to apply what you know and learn more about your field while feeling like you're making a difference growing Horizon Active.

We want to hear your opinion about how we can do things differently and better.

We'll do our best to improve it together.

We want to do our best.

We want you to do your best.

We want you to feel like you still have a life while you have this job.

We want you to feel like you're growing while working with us

We want to help you build your skill set and portfolio so that when you're ready to leave us, you have something to take with you.

Why the different approach?

Because we've been through all of the hiring processes ourselves and we think that most of it is counterproductive, disrespectful, and non transparent for both employers and employees.

This needs to work for both of us.  

About Money

We’ll talk money right away.

We’ll tell you how much you'll be making at our very first conversation.

We want to know if you can live on that salary.

We want to know if you want to live on that salary.


We don't care where you work.

Only that you get it done.

Be on your couch, on a boss leather chair at your desk, at a cafe, on a beach somewhere, your choice, just make sure your internet connection works.  

When you have questions,

or if you think you can add value to our team even if we don't have a position posted,

Email us with your resume at info@horizonactive.com


In the meantime,


Good luck with your career

Keep growing,

Stay healthy and feel awesome


Horizon Active Founders,

Sara Manzoni and Drustin Sabin