Waking Up From Work Podcast Ep 29

Our first podcast episode

We can't tell you how awesome it feels to go for months working on something to finally putting it out there and talking about it as something you've achieved and only just begun at the same time.

We had this opportunity thanks to Dave Swillum and his podcast Waking Up From Work.

We (Sara and Drustin, founders) met Dave back in college, at Plymouth State University. It was years ago, and it's crazy to think, that about 8 years later, he has a podcast (among other awesome achievements) and we have our own activewear brand.

Coming together to talk about how we went from graduating college to 4 years later starting our own business and making a difference in this world, was truly awesome. 

You can listen to our episode titled "Making A Physical Product & Aligning Your Values W/ Horizon Active Sara & Drustin" on his podcast on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, or Podbean.

Hang out with us and get to know us better. 

Listen to how we got through every step of the journey: getting into the fashion industry, choosing activewear, then finding out and learning about all the social and environmental issues running rampant in the "glamorous" world of fashion.

Enjoy our episode and stay in touch, here's the YouTube video as well!

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