We make sustainability our responsibility.

Horizon Active is not just about creating products that you love, but about their ethical and sustainable development. We care about you and we care about the planet. That’s why with every piece of clothing we design, we focus on comfort, functionality, sustainability and, of course, making you look your best. 


So, how are we sustainable?

By keeping plastic out of the ocean.

Polluted Water

Our leggings and bras are 83% recycled polyester that comes from plastic bottles which prevents them from ending up in our oceans. While our shirts are 80% recycled nylon that comes from fishing nets that have been pulled out of the sea. 

Recycling these materials happens in North Carolina, thanks to Repreve.

But that’s not all…

Our zero-waste packaging comes from Tishwish. So, when you buy something from us, it will arrive in a package that is plant-based and 100% compostable. 

This way we avoid the production of new plastic that would risk ending up in our environment.

Tishwish badge

But wait, there’s still more…

Our garments come in a variety of colors made with non-water-based dyes that have been injected directly into the fabric to avoid paint-waste and pollution.


All of our clothes are made in-house in the US, allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint by not shipping bundles of fabric or clothes around the world from one factory to the next. We make sure to always have small batches of production so nothing goes unsold and wasted. This also allows us to ensure our workers are treated well and paid fairly, and it gives us the opportunity for customers to send us back clothes for us to repair and turn into new ones.

Sewing machine