Brand Ambassadors Program

We are looking for people who will be genuinely happy to spread the word about Horizon Active because of our shared values.

Together we can change the fashion industry into a sustainable and ethical one.

The more people will see and buy our products:

  • The more we can grow and impact change.
  • The more people will see that doing business sustainably is possible and profitable.
  • The more our methodology and practices will become the new norm.

We want more people starting sustainable fashion lines and nonprofits, so that this old model of exploitation and unwillingness to take responsibility comes to an end.

Sustainability and ethics shouldn't be a niche. they should just be part of everything we do to add value to our lives.

What we offer

20% discount on your first purchase.

15% discount on all purchases after that.

An affiliate link just for you so we can track which purchases come from your efforts and we'll send you 2% of the value of every purchase. 

To apply to be one of our brand ambassadors just follow these steps:

  • Follow us on Instagram and or Tiktok
  • Share a story or post about us and tag us @horizonactive 
  • Send us an email with a link to your Instagram or Tiktok account at 



If necessary, we reserve the right to change this program at any time.