Why Sustainable Activewear

In a time where everywhere we turn there’s problems, we decided to take one on.

As just regular people, my co-founder and I were just trying to have additional income after college. Just start a business, nothing more. Then it became much, much more.

Once doing our research uncovered how huge issues that we thought weren’t that big of a deal turned out to be.

That’s when we decided that sustainability had to be part of our business model. Because once our eyes were opened to how many lives are painfully affected by the lack of it, we felt like we really didn’t have a choice.

We couldn’t add to the problem. If we were going to be in this business, fashion, we were going to have to do something about it. 

So, what is the problem really? 

Why is this such a big issue? 

Well, people are actually dying because of it. Animals are dying because of it. 

You can look up “incidents” like Rana Plaza, or the independent documentary True Cost, or Patriot Act’s episode about Fast Fashion, to quickly understand how much bigger the consequences of not taking responsibility are than the major fashion houses want you to know about. 

The effect on people’s lives of not having safe working conditions will bring you sadness, the effect on kids and animals defenselessly being damaged and sickened by the pollution that occurs in many countries where clothes are made irresponsibly will make you angry. 

But it’s all worth knowing, because that’s when you’ll want to do something about it. 

Whether it will mean going out there and starting your own brand or non profit, or whether it will mean you starting to buy from sustainable brands like ours, or whatever way you will decide to contribute to a solution, you will now make things better, and that’s what truly matters. 

The way we decided to be part of the solution is by giving you an option of clothes that are made in the USA, where we know the working conditions are better and safer. 

We make sure to only have clothes from manufacturers that use technology to print clothes in a cleaner way. 

Out of the clothes they produce we only bring you the ones that are made with recycled materials, because putting new plastic into our environment doesn’t make sense.

What makes sense is to take all the discarded water bottles and plastic waste and recycle it to turn it into something beautiful. 

We bring you clothes that are not made in bulk quantities and then discarded into some landfill when they are not sold. We only make what we sell.

Technology allows us to do that, we can bring you clean, brand new clothing that hasn’t been sitting around collecting dust because we only make it right after you buy it. It’s called an on-demand model. 

These are the ways we work to reduce our carbon footprint, to make sure we respect life, both human and the ones of our animal friends so that when you wear something you can feel beautiful on the outside and on the inside.

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