Our Story

Unique Designs, Made Sustainably in the US.

Not just a tag line. It's the result of what we worked for over the past year and a half.

As recent graduates, when we decided to start our own business, we chose fashion. 

As we learned about the industry we were horrified with the lack of ethics. With the workers conditions, the chemical pollution, the waste of resources and the way most people in the industry totally refuse to take any responsibility over these issues.

We searched for a better way, learned how to make it possible, and finally we have clothes being made a way we are proud of. 

We hand draw the designs ourselves, and we cut and print those designs so that we can give the most fashionable styles. 

Great colors that are put onto our garments with non water based dyes injected directly into the fabric to avoid paint waste and pollution. 

Great comfort with fibers made out of recycled plastic whenever possible to avoid production of new plastic that would risk ending up in oceans or wherever else it doesn't belong. 

Every piece you buy is only made after you bought it, so that there are no huge amounts of clothing being moved on container ships across the world reducing our carbon footprint and the risk of our clothing ending up in landfills.

This also makes it possible to change out our styles for new designs faster. 

We decided to make everything in the US so that we can have higher standards for our workers' safety and conditions without taking advantage of poorer economies. 

Doing the right thing is a choice, and it can be a business choice.

No excuses.

Let's move fashion forward together. 

Sara Manzoni & Drustin Sabin